Collaborate with Your Team

Live and fluent collaboration on the same data

To facilitate collaborative work Obeo Designer allows you to store your models and representations (diagrams, tables, matrices, trees) in a shared repository. Your team members can simultaneously work on visual representations for the same data, without losing time managing conflicts and without any technical skills.

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Rely on Sirius professionals

Save your time and budget

Leader of Eclipse Sirius development, Obeo helps you secure the creation and maintenance of your industrial-strength modeling workbench. Our experts master all the Eclipse platform and Modeling technologies required to create efficient and maintainable modeling workbenches with Sirius.

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Drive the Roadmap

Cost management of your specific integration

Access to an Open Innovation program that brings you aboard Sirius roadmap. By contributing to the co-financing of the Sirius Open Source project, you get involved in the definition of priorities and the development of features that match your needs. They can be integrated to a private build that provides you with early stable versions of Sirius.

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Secure Your Deployments

Guaranteed response time for your technical support queries

Obeo Designer brings you the security of a software provider to deploy industrial-strength modeling workbenches created with Sirius. Secure the success of your critical projects with access to cutting-edge technical expertise and a commitment regarding response times.

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Support and Maintenance

To deploy Sirius on your professional projects, subscribe to our support and maintenance services


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