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A graphic model is worth a thousand words

Does your job consist in devising and designing innovative solutions in a complex environment?

If this is the case, you will need an efficient tool to describe your design choices, define an architecture, as well as analyze and validate it. What’s more, you must be able to communicate this work to various contacts: your customers, your partners, but also your development teams.

Discover Eclipse Sirius, the Open Source technology at the heart of Obeo Designer


Open-endedness and flexibility

Openness and flexibility

Your custom modeling workbenches

Sirius is a solution that enables you to graphically design complex systems (software, business activities, physics, etc.) while keeping the corresponding data consistent (architecture, component properties, etc.).

To achieve this, Sirius helps you very easily create a customized modeling workbench that is dedicated to your area of expertise and supports your design concept.

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Impact and gap analysis


Adapted to your domain

A graphical designer created with Sirius is composed of a set of editors (diagrams, tables and trees) which allow the end users to create, edit and visualize models according to his own domain vocabulary.

The editors are defined by a model which describes the complete structure of the modeling workbench, its behavior and all the edition and navigation tools.

This description of a Sirius modeling workbench relies on the concerned concepts (domain model) and is dynamically interpreted by a runtime within the Eclipse IDE.

Architecture validation

Open Source

An Eclipse Foundation project


Available as Open Source, Sirius is integrated into annual versions of the Eclipse platform thanks to compliance with very strict development standards and a stringent development process. It guarantees the quality and transparency that have built the reputation of this worldwide distributed platform

Since the earliest contributions, the Sirius team has also worked hard to ensure a broad community of users signs up to this revolutionary technology.

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Well proven technology

Already deployed on numerous projects

The result of a partnership launched in 2007 with Thales, Sirius lies at the heart the "Capella" Systems Engineering workbench and has been extensively deployed in operational units for the aerospace, transport, energy and communication sectors.

Sirius is also the cornerstone of the management application design workbench of the French Ministry of Defense and underpins a technology used to create satellite applications for the European Space Agency.

What makes the abundance and variety of modeling workbenches created with Sirius possible is the great number of features offered in the standard version: viewpoints, layers, conditional styles, validation rules, navigation tools, etc.

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Obeo Designer

For secure industrial deployment

With Obeo Designer, Obeo offers the security of a software provider for the industrial deployment of your modeling tools created with Sirius:

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