Change Log

Obeo Designer CE/TE 11.1.1 (31/01/2019)

  • Integration of Sirius 6.1.1
  • Availability of Team edition working with Sirius 6.1
    • The change management has been improved to allow a fine-grained change tracking and a better integration with Mylyn Tasks:
      • The Commit History View has been improved to filter the commits list in relation to the selected elements and to show the change set of each commit. 
      • The Server is now configured in Auditing mode: the history of every change is kept.
    • The import wizard do not require a valid licence nor a token to be allowed to import data from the server anymore.
    • Stabilisation and performance improvements
      • Upgrade to CDO 4.7
      • Internal optimizations and fixes around stability of collaborative features or compatibility between Sirius features and the collaborative add-on.

Obeo Designer CE 11.1.0 (21/10/2018)

  • Integration of Sirius 6.1.0
  • Management of hidden diagram elements
  • Groups to organize contextual popup menus
  • Possibility to add new actions in the “Select All” menu of the tab-bar
  • Possibility to specify the width of the default column header
  • Message to warn the user of an automatic migration of the Modeling project
  • Quick fix on the error marker signaling a modeling project without a representations file
  • Eclipse Public License 2.0
  • Vertical blank spaces on sequance diagram standard edition

What's new in Obeo Designer Community 11.1  

Obeo Designer CE 11.0.0 (28/08/2018)

What's new in Obeo Designer Community 11.0