Professional Services

We help you create
state-of-the-art modeling tools

Our experts have all the software engineering skills
required to create efficient and maintainable modeling workbenches with Sirius


Create a Domain Model

The Domain Model defines the business concepts supported by your modeling workbench.

Our experts can help you capture the core concepts of your business and represent them in a comprehensive, well formed and evolutive Ecore model.

Implement specific editors

Which Sirius representations (diagrams, tables, matrices) best suit your business needs?

Our experts can help you implement the right viewpoints with efficient and user-friendly representations.

Develop complementary plug-ins

To leverage the modeling tool, users can use complementary plugins to control models’ life-cycle and generate deliverables (code or documentation).

Our experts can help you reuse other Eclipse technologies such as Acceleo, Xtext and EMF Compare.

Integrate a ready-to-use workbench

A complete and powerful modeling workbench means the right assembly of tools within a ready-to-use and user-friendly toolchain.

Our experts can help you integrate plug-ins into a seamless and intuitive Eclipse-based environment.

Industrialize your tooling process

To rapidly and securely delivering workbenches that match users’ needs requires setting up a software factory.

Our experts can help you create and deploy state-of-the-art solutions to manage code, to test and to build your Eclipse plug-ins.

Extend Sirius core technology

Some features you need are not yet implemented in Sirius?

Our committers working on this Open Source project can help you specify the missing features and directly contribute the evolution to Sirius source code.

Obeo experts at your service

From the early testings stages right through to large-scale deployments,
we can accompany your Sirius journey and help you stay on course


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