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Create a Domain Model

The Domain Model defines the business concepts supported by your modeling workbench.

Our experts can help you capture the core concepts of your business and represent them in a comprehensive, well formed and evolutive Ecore model.

Implement specific editors

Which Sirius representations (diagrams, tables, matrices) best suit your business needs?

Our experts can help you implement the right viewpoints with efficient and user-friendly representations.

Develop complementary plug-ins

To leverage the modeling tool, users can use complementary plugins to control models’ life-cycle and generate deliverables (code or documentation).

Our experts can help you reuse other Eclipse technologies such as Acceleo, Xtext and EMF Compare.

Integrate a ready-to-use workbench

A complete and powerful modeling workbench means the right assembly of tools within a ready-to-use and user-friendly toolchain.

Our experts can help you integrate plug-ins into a seamless and intuitive Eclipse-based environment.

Industrialize your tooling process

To rapidly and securely delivering workbenches that match users’ needs requires setting up a software factory.

Our experts can help you create and deploy state-of-the-art solutions to manage code, to test and to build your Eclipse plug-ins.

Extend Sirius core technology

Some features you need are not yet implemented in Sirius?

Our committers working on this Open Source project can help you specify the missing features and directly contribute the evolution to Sirius source code.

Customer Success Stories

On-Demand Expertise

Altran Netherlands is in charge of industrializing a modeling workbench developed by one of its customers.

This environment comprises a set of modeling languages and associated editors that allow the specification of (sub)systems according to a separation of Data, Control and Algorithms.

Obeo opened a dedicated confidential channel allowing Altran engineers access to Sirius experts. Their questions ranged from best practices, to assessments of results, to advice on building complex development projects, and more. Access was charged for hours spent by Obeo.

Expertise and Open Innovation

ETAS, a subsidiary of the Bosch Group providing solutions for the development of automotive embedded systems, used Eclipse Sirius to create the graphical editors of Constraint Graph, a modeling tool for describing Physical Equation Systems.

In addition, in order to ensure the architecture design was optimal, and that specific developments could be undertaken on an ad hoc basis during the life of the project, ETAS purchased a block of ‘remote expertise hours’.

ETAS also funded the development of a new Sirius feature that allows the definition of dynamically customizable SVG shapes. Being an Open Source contribution to the Eclipse project, all Sirius users can take advantage of this feature.

Development and Maintenance of an MDD Workbench

The French Department of Defense created SAFR@N, a custom Software Factory based on the Model-Driven Development approach.

The modeling tools and code generators that make up SAFR@N were developed by Obeo with Eclipse Sirius. They allow the operational staff to specify user interactions, screens, services, and business entities, and to automatically generate Java source code that complies with the Department’s specific framework.

Maintained by Obeo since 2011, SAFR@N has been deployed on several major projects.

Preparing the Commissioning of Modeling Tools

MMA, a French insurance company, uses Eclipse Sirius to develop custom modeling tools that support their own specific Enterprise Architecture approach derived from TOGAF methodology.

Obeo helped MMA to prepare the very first commissioning of this new solution: reviewing the implementation of the graphical editors, fixing technical issues and coaching MMA team members on industrializing Sirius-based modeling tools.

Extending Sirius Technology and Implementing Specific Solutions

Thales has accompanied Sirius technology from its very beginnings when it first asked Obeo to create a new technology that could reduce both the complexity and cost of developing a custom-modeling tool.

Since then Thales has used Sirius in a variety of ways to implement the diagrams editors of Capella, the Open Source Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) workbench.

Thales regularly funds the development of new Sirius features that can meet their operational needs. In addition, several Obeo engineers work in-house in Thales contributing to the development of specific modeling solutions.

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