Support & Maintenance

Secure your deployments

To deploy Sirius on your projects, Obeo recommends to subscribe to a professional support & maintenance contract
that offers guaranteed response time and priority access to corrections.


Guaranteed & Private Support

Guaranteed &
Private Support

Get answers to an unlimited number of technical questions from Obeo experts, with the guarantee of confidentiality and response times. In addition, you can submit your modeling tools for a review and get our advice regarding best practices: ergonomy, architecture, packaging, deployment, performance, etc.

Fixes and Specific Builds

Fixes &
Specific Builds

Obeo Designer subscription allows you to receive hotfixes that are delivered before the scheduled software maintenance versions. You can benefit from a private and confidential infrastructure that supports your specific version of the software, integrating urgent fixes and your specific requirements.

Open Innovation


Obeo Designer relies heavily on Open Source projects and, as such, it is important to contribute so as to maintain their longevity. The Open Innovation service enables you to get involved in the supported technologies roadmap: priorities definition and Open Source contributions in the source code of the projects.

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Whether you are trying Sirius for the first time or deploying a mission-critical application,
we have a plan that meets your needs and budget.


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