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Obeo S.A.S. has created and registered a number of trademarks and associated logos to identify the Obeo company and/or products, like Obeo SmartEA for example. This document describes the use of these trademarks and logos.

The Obeo trademarks and logos are a symbol of the quality of the products and services provided by the company. To ensure that they continue to serve these functions, we need to keep some element of control over their use, especially, we want to ensure that their use is not made in a disparaging manner or to be rude about the Obeo technology, the Obeo company, its products, or its staff.

Property and identification of Obeo trademarks and logos:

The “Obeo” name and logo, and the others products names and logos are the intellectual property of Obeo S.A.S. and should be identified as such, by including a statement attributing the trademarks to Obeo S.A.S. (for example, "‘Obeo and Obeo SmartEA are trademarks of Obeo S.A.S.").

The Obeo logos are the logos associated to Obeo trademark or other trademarks owned by Obeo :

logo Obeo  logo Obeo SmartEA  logo Obeo Designer  logo Acceleo

Usage of "Obeo" Trademarks and Logos:

You may not use or incorporate the Obeo trademark in a company name, a trade name, a sign, a software product name or any other product name or more generally in a brand or trademark.

You may not use or incorporate the Obeo trademark in a "namespace", especially the string "fr.obeo".

By "namespace" we mean an abstract place to group a set of computer programs in a logical manner, in order to build modular programs. This naming convention is used to identify code that has been developed and/or is owned by Obeo S.A.S. Therefore, we request that no one, except Obeo, develop or maintain software packages that use ‘fr.obeo’ in their namespace. It is acceptable to use or to mention the ‘Obeo’ trademark only through a scientific and technical communication, for example in a technical or scientific publication or book. However you must ensure that a) such use is made in compliance with these, b) ‘Obeo’ is not concatenated with another word, and c) such use does not imply or make the user believe that the publication or book is supported or authorized by Obeo S.A.S.

Use of Obeo logos are not permitted whatsoever, including the use of derivative works of these logos or alteration of these logos.

No other use of trademarks and/or use of any Obeo logos is possible without a prior written consent by Obeo S.A.S. You can ask us any request by sending an email to

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