Getting Started with OD Team


Obeo Designer Team allows you to store your models and representations (diagrams, tables, trees) in a shared repository to facilitate collaborative work with other team members.

It relies on a server that hosts the shared repository and clients that can consult or edit the models stored within the repository.

In order to run Obeo Designer Team, you have to proceed as follows:

  • launch a repository on a server
  • share a local model by exporting it into the repository
  • access to the shared model from clients

Quick Start

To rapidly evaluate Obeo Designer Team, the best solution consists in running the server and several clients on your own machine.

OD Team - Starter Tutorial   

The User Manual, explaining how to use client-side collaborative features, is available in the product.

Operational Deployment

To deploy Obeo Designer Team in an operational mode, we recommend to use Obeo Designer Team Server, a ready-to-use collaborative server, optimized for Sirius collaborative features and customizable according to your specific needs.

The Administrator Manual, explaining how to use server-side collaborative features, is available in the product.