What's New

Obeo Designer Team 9.1

Obeo Designer Team 9.1 comes with two main improvements:

  • The properties views introduced in Obeo Designer Community 9.1 can now be used in a collaborative mode.
  • Security has been strengthened with the support of LDAP and SSL to secure the connexion to the repository and ensure the privacy of data transfers

Based on Sirius 4.1.3, this release also integrates new ready-to-use examples corresponding to the solutions of Sirius tutorials.


Collaborative properties views

Locks on model elements are now shown and managed by custom properties views. It allows you to deploy in a collaborative mode the modeling workbenches that have integrated this feature introduced with Obeo Designer Community 9.1.

When you are working on a shared modeling project, each property of an object that you are locking is decorated with a small green lock.

All the other users will see red locks on the same properties. Their fields are disabled, preventing any concurrent modification.

Sirius - Properties View     Sirius - Properties View


LDAP authentication

LDAP can now be used to authenticate user.

It means that Obeo Designer Team can delegate the control of users to the central LDAP directory where your organization stores the usernames and passwords.

You can combine LDAP access control with the mechanisms in Obeo Designer Team that allow you to define authorized users and what they can modify.


SSL protocol between clients and server

With the support of SSL protocol, it is now possible to securely communicate between the client and the server by using encrypted communication.

Sirius - Properties View

Clients and server just have to be configured accordingly with:

  • a keystore on server side
  • a trust store containing the public key on the client side.


Representations locks improvement

Before this version, when a representation was created or deleted, a lock was set preventing other users to also create or delete representations until the modifications were saved.

Now this lock is no more set, allowing several users to concurrently create or delete representations


New examples

To help you discover Sirius we have added ready-to-use examples that can be installed from the menu "New > Example...".

Sirius - Properties View

These new examples provide the solutions for two Sirius tutorials:

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